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If you haul flatbeds this article is for you.

We look at what we mean by a "flatbed", what some of the risks are in hauling flatbeds, and recommended insurance.

Flatbed, What

If you’re in the business, likely you know as well as we do, but just to be sure we are on the same page, with “flatbed” we include:

  • ordinary flatbeds
  • single-drop decks, also known as stepdecks
  • double-drop decks, also known as lowboys
  • double-drops with detachable decks, also known as lowboys, RGN
  • stretch flatbeds
  • stretch single-drop decks
  • stretch double-drop decks, 2 or 3 axle

Risks Peculiar to Flatbeds:

  • Risks Peculiar to Flatbeds

    In addition to the usual risks that any trucker faces, from fire to theft to collision and more, flatbed haulers carry a few risks that are peculiar to them. Equipment such as ramps, chains, straps, tarps, and binders can be stolen. Cargo, especially if it is valuable, is more susceptible to theft as thieves can see the cargo and immediately realize its value. If straps or chains loosen, cargo can be dislodged. Flatbeds running empty, as light as they are, are especially susceptible to jackknifing. For these reasons, the insurance you buy should be customized.

Recommended Insurance

Certain types of insurance are mandatory, others are optional; we list and briefly describe.

  • Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers you for damage or loss to other persons that you are responsible for (this type of insurance would usually cover both tractor and trailer).

  • Collision Coverage

Collision insurance covers your flatbed for any damage it suffers, regardless of who is responsible (again, this type of insurance would usually cover both tractor and trailer).

  • Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers your flatbed for damage caused by something other than a collision, such as theft or fire (again, this type of insurance would usually cover both tractor and trailer).

  • Ramp, Tarp, Binder, and Chain Coverage

This insurance covers theft or damage to the items listed and is of course peculiar to flatbeds.

  • Cargo Coverage

Cargo insurance covers the cargo you are hauling.  It includes loss due to theft, vandalism, fire, and more, unloading/loading coverage, loss of freight charges, salvage efforts, debris removal, and more.  See separate article on cargo insurance for a detailed discussion.

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