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Skip steps, cut out middlemen, and increase your business’s efficiency by adding adding certificate holders yourself.


Truckers don’t work 9 to 5, and so neither does our software. Whether it’s Saturday afternoon, at the crack of dawn, or Christmas Eve, create the paperwork you need to get your trucks moving.


To receive a certificate, all you need is an email, and all your freight broker needs is a pin. Completed forms are not visible online - they’re sent directly to the email registered on file.

Why Axle Trucking Insurance?

A robust support system

Because we work exclusively in trucking insurance, we know the industry inside and out.

Wide Network of Contacts

With hundreds of options at our finger-tips, you'll get an affordable plan that's perfect for you.

Instant Certificates of Insurance

Our online software lets you create, download and send certificates of insurance in less that 30 seconds, 24/7,

Competitive Financing

We offer financing options that help you hit the road now and pay for your insurance as you go.

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