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Auto Hauler Insurance

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Companies that haul autos include outfits large and small that transport cars long and short distances, and include car dealerships, repossession companies, towing companies, auto repair shops, and independent operators.

What to Know

Rigs used by auto haulers vary from trailers that carry a single vehicle to those that carry up to 10 vehicles, as well as those that tow a car on a hook.  Neither a standard auto nor a general liability policy provide coverage for trucks and trailers that are used to haul cars; you need coverage written specifically for an auto hauler including:

  • Liability, bodily injury — covers you for injuries to other persons for which you are held responsible.
  • Property damage — covers you for damage to other persons’ property (NOT including the vehicles you are hauling) for which you are held responsible.
  • Cargo – as a hauler you can be held liable for theft of or damage to a vehicle you are carrying, including while your rig is unattended, is underway, or during loading or unloading operations.  If you store vehicles you also need coverage for garage operations. Your cargo coverage must be written so as to provide coverage for all of these things (also see separate article on cargo insurance).
  • Ramp, chain, tarp, and binder coverage — covers these items for fire, theft, vandalism, and damage suffered in a collision or rollover.
  • Constructive total loss or diminished value — If you haul new cars and damage one of them while unloading it, the car dealer might not be able to sell the car as new anymore, will sell it at great loss, or will sell it as scrap!  On the other hand, a standard cargo policy might only pay the cost of repairing the vehicle, which might be much less than the reduction in price that the dealer will suffer. You could be held liable for the difference. This coverage protects you.
  • Over-height loads — Covers you if you damage your load while driving under a low bridge or other structure.
  • Collision — covers your truck and trailer for collision with another vehicle or stationary object and for rollovers.
  • Comprehensive — covers your truck and trailer for fire, theft, vandalism.

The Works

In addition to the coverages above, you might also want:

  • Medical payments (medpay) — covers your and any passengers’ medical payments for injuries suffered while you are driving your truck.
  • Towing & storage — covers towing & storage for truck, trailer, and equipment that has been damaged.
  • Debris removal — covers costs of removing debris after a collision, rollover, or cargo-spill.
  • Earned freight — covers you if you arrive at the delivery point with the goods but are not paid, or are only partially paid, for the delivery due to damage to the cargo; earned freight coverage allows you to recover the freight charges from your insurer (instead of the shipper).
  • Loss mitigation (aka sue & labor) — covers costs you incur to prevent further damage to cargo after a collision, rollover, or other incident.
  • Downtime — covers you for up to $100 per day for up to 30 days if you are unable to work due to damage to your truck.
  • Loan/lease/gap — if you make a small downpayment and have a long-term loan and then, shortly after you buy your truck, it is stolen or totaled, you will likely owe more on the loan than the truck is worth, and thus the payment you receive from your insurer for the loss of the truck will be less than what you owe.  Loan/lease/gap insurance covers you for the difference.
  • Family Emergency Expenses — covers you for up to $2,500 for family travel expenses if you are injured when far from home.

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