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Hired/Non-Owned Insurance

Hired and non-owned insurance provide two separate but related coverages. If you or an employee cause damage or injury while driving a leased, rented, hired, or borrowed vehicle, hired insurance covers you. Non-owned insurance covers you if you or an employee cause damage or injury while driving a personal vehicle on company business.

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Why You Need It

It’s common for business owners to use their personal vehicles to run a quick errand that is business related, or to ask an employee to do the same.  If you have a collision and get sued, it’s possible that neither your personal insurance nor your business insurance will cover you under these circumstances: the business insurer will say that the vehicle is not covered; the personal insurer will say that business pursuits are not covered.

With respect to leased, rented, hired, and borrowed vehicles, clearly your personal insurance will not cover you; your business insurer might not either as it will argue that the vehicle was not scheduled (listed) on the policy.

What This Insurance Will Cover

Hired/non-owned insurance will provide the same coverages, limits, and deductibles that you have on your owned vehicles, and is not that costly to add to your policy.

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